The Ardmore Residential team puts all of our time, energy, and extensive expertise into developing, managing, and ultimately selling institutional grade, Class A multi-family assets. We have a model that works. We know how to execute this model consistently, so we do not reinvent the wheel from each deal to the next. This steady and calculated approach allows us to control costs and capitalize on our investments.

Geographical Footprint

We are only active in high growth markets in the Southeast.

We are licensed in NC, SC, GA, TN, VA, AL, and FL.


Asset Class Focus

Ground-up, moderate density, suburban, surface parked, garden product.

Return Targets and Hold Period

Our funds target a net IRR of at least 18% and an equity multiple approaching (and typically exceeding) 2.75x.

Our typical hold period for each asset is 5-10 years.

Fund Structure

At Ardmore, we use an equity fund structure that sources our internal capital and capital from our loyal base of external investors for us to execute quickly on opportunities that we locate in the market. This accessibility gives us a competitive edge over many other developers that raise capital for each deal independently. The Ardmore Fund structure also provides the benefit of geographical diversification. We invite accredited investors to contact us to inquire about future Ardmore Fund opportunities.

Site Selection

We are fortunate to have solid and longstanding relationships with regional and national brokers who help locate and identify the best locations that fit our development approach. Our track record has repeatedly earned us early shots to secure successful sites. Brokers know what we are looking for, and they know that we will execute as we say we will.